Red Fin Tiger Loach

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Syncrossus berdmorei 
Redfin Tiger Loach
Classification  Order: Cypriniformes Family: Botiidae

Images of the Ataran River habitats depict flowing sections of forest-shaded, seemingly well-oxygenated headwaters with clear water, a mixed sand/rock substrate and lots of submerged driftwood/leaf litter.

Maximum Standard Length
200 – 250 mm.

All botiids need a well-structured set-up although the actual choice of décor is more-or-less down to personal taste. A natural-style arrangement could include a substrate of sand/fine gravel with lots of smooth, water-worn rocks and pebbles plus one or two lumps of driftwood or twisted roots/branches.

Lighting can be relatively subdued and plants able to grow in such conditions 

Otherwise be sure to provide plenty of cover as Syncrossus spp. are inquisitive and seems to enjoy exploring their surroundings. Rocks, wood, flower pots and aquarium ornaments can be used in whichever combination to achieve the desired effect.

Bear in mind that these loaches like to squeeze themselves into small gaps and crevices so items with sharp edges should be omitted, and any gaps/holes small enough for a fish to become trapped should be filled in with aquarium-grade silicone sealant. A tightly-fitting cover is also essential as they may also jump at times.

Water Conditions
Temperature: 21 – 26 °C

pH: 6.5 – 7.5

Hardness: 90 – 268 ppm

While Syncrossus spp. appear to be chiefly carnivorous by nature they will also eat vegetative matter if available, sometimes including soft-leaved aquatic plants.

They’re largely unfussy feeders but should be offered a varied diet comprising quality dried products, live/frozen bloodworm, Tubifex, Artemia, etc. plus fresh fruit and vegetables such as cucumber, melon, blanched spinach, or courgette.

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