Lake Malawi Aulonocara - Peacock Cichlids for Sale

Lake Malawi Aulonocara "Peacock" Cichlids for Sale

Aulonocara Cichlids, also known as Peacock Cichlids, are the true show-stoppers of the cichlid world. Their stunning coloration ranges from electric blues to vibrant yellows, with red accents adding to their already impressive display. These beautiful Peacock Cichlids are native to Lake Malawi in Africa, where they use their bright colors to attract mates and intimidate rivals.

If you're looking to add some serious flair to your aquarium, our variety of Aulonocara Peacock Cichlids for sale are the perfect choice. Their active behavior and stunning coloration will make them the center of attention in any tank. Come check out our selection of Aulonocara "Peacock" Cichlids for sale today!

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