Ron's Medicated Food Mixing Instructions

Download Medicated Food instructions here.

Medicated Food Mixing instructions                                    

The Medicine Packet IS included inside the Blue bag of food.  IT MUST BE MIXED WITH ALL OF FOOD.

For the 8oz Package use the entire contents of the Red Medicine Packet and ½ cup of HOT dechlorinated water

For the 1lb Package use the entire contents of the Gold Medicine Packet and 1 cup of HOT dechlorinated water

PLEASE DISCARD The Yellow moisture absorbing card in the medication pouch.

(I Highly recommend adding 2 ounces of Thawed Frozen Brine Or Mysis Shrimp per 8oz of Mix).

The shrimp will help them eat more voraciously, hide the medicine flavor, and help them put on some weight.

Mix the Medicine and HOT Water in a Bowl and stir it up very well, then add the Pellets and mix it up thoroughly. Place it in the Refrigerator for at least 1 hour. The pellets will “absorb” the Medicine. Should be slightly moist from the liquid. If its Still a little too moist, stir it some more and let it sit in Fridge a few more hours.. or place on Cookie sheet to dry.

Divide it in small Ziplocs for whatever you think you need for 4-5 days of feeding and freeze all but 1 bag.    (Food Should not be in Fridge more than 5 days).    And Lasts up to 1 year in the Freezer.

Feed this bag for 5 days, then when you need an additional 5 days worth just Remove 1 bag from freezer and Place in the Refrigerator. Feed Twice daily for 10 days for most ailments. ONLY FEED THIS FOOD…

Continue Using for up to 15 days if you have a severe case of Sunken Belly.

Follow these instructions below for tank maintenance during treatment.

Gravel Siphon every 2 days, add Stress Coat or Stress Guard 3-4 times the recommended dose every time you do a water change (with Deep Gravel Siphon).

Gravel siphon needs to get into the sand / gravel to pull out the Parasites, worms, etc. that have been expelled from the fish’s digestive tract. They May Not be fully deceased yet and need to be removed from the tank before another fish ingests it and starts the cycle over again.

Then once you have it cured you need to start checking your tank parameters more regularly.           

HEALTHY FISH are resilient to Ich, Bacterial, Parasitic diseases. They will naturally fight it off.

If the fish Health isn’t good enough, then the parasites or infections will just come back again and again.

If you are treating Sunken Belly / internal Parasites the fish will appear to be skinny for several weeks.

Try and feed a little more and use some Mysis shrimp or krill to help them put some weight back on.

Medicine treatments like this are at best 70% effective in treating most ailments. So Properly identifying the Ailment will make treatment more successful.

This Product is Very Effective for most internal Symptoms as well as some external Symptoms.

Here is some of the issues this food CAN HELP cure depending on the severity of ailment.

Internal infections Such As Bloating, Abnormal stools, Loss of appetite, and weight loss

Internal Parasites (Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, Tape worms, Flat Worms)

Bacterial Infections – Fin / Tail Rot – Hole-in-the-head disease – Gill & Skin Flukes – ICH

External Fungal Infections – Velvet – Anchor worm – Fish Lice – Wasting Disease

Viral Lesions – Dropsy – Popeye – Septicemia – Epistylis


Continue to use filters, and Chemical Media as this food has no impact on filtration or Biological. 

If your fish are showing signs of External parasites like flashing or scratching you will also want to treat the water in the tank with a Product like Rid-Ich Plus, Copper Safe, Paraguard. Please read and follow those labels accordingly.  These Water treatments are MUCH more effective treating EXTERNAL Parasites.

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