Lichnochromis Acuticeps Malawi Gar

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6-7" and 7-8" Males currently available. The 6-7" have good Color, the 7-8" have excellent color.

Its very hard finding captive US bred and raised males this big anywhere else.

These MUST go Ups Next day air or air cargo

 Scientific Name: Lichnochromis Acuticeps 

Diet: Omnivore 

Gender Differences: Dimorphic

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Conspecific Temperament: mildly aggressive

Maximum Size: 10-14"

Temperature: 74 - 84°F

pH: 7.4 - 8.4

Water Hardness: Hard

Family: Predator Hap

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