Iceberg Canary Blueberry OB Fryeri

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 Line bred creation @Rons Cichlids. This is a strain of our Canary fryeri, which have yellow/orange, but with a blaze like an Iceberg fryeri. We only get a small percent that look like this out of the hundreds of fry we grow up.

Scientific Name: Sciaenochromis fryeri 

Common Name(s): OB Fryeri

Geo. Origin: line bred

Habitat: Intermediate Habitat

Diet: Omnivore 

Breeding: Maternal Mouthbrooder

Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Conspecific Temperament: Mildly Aggressive

Maximum Size: 7-8"

Temperature: 74 - 84°F

pH: 7.4  8.4

Water Hardness: Hard

Family: Hap

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