AQUATOP AC-DC-ONE BREZA Battery Powered Air Pump w/ AC Power Failure Sensor

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The BREZA Battery Powered Air Pump by Aquatop is a must-have for any fish enthusiast, from beginners to seasoned aquarists. This innovative air pump stands out from traditional models with its unique AC/DC-ONE design, which includes a built-in AC power failure sensor and an automatic switch to battery backup. This ensures your fish and aquatic life continue to receive vital oxygen support during a power cut or when there's no access to a standard power source. The BREZA AC/DC-ONE is not just for home aquariums; it's also your go-to portable air pump for live bait buckets or safely transporting fish. With the BREZA air pump, you can trust that your aquatic pets are well-cared for every day and safeguarded against unexpected power interruptions, giving you peace of mind that they're protected even when you're away.


  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: Ensure continuous operation with automatic backup battery power for critical systems.
  • Reliable Battery Backup: Seamlessly switch to battery power in the event of an electrical outage, keeping your devices running without interruption.
  • Complete Aeration Kit: Comes with an essential airline and airstone for optimal aeration in aquatic environments.
  • Integrated Power Outage Detection: Features a power failure sensor cord for immediate response to power cuts.

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