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 -All Mbuna Variety packs will include an assortment of males from the list of premium mbuna species below, you will not get duplicates unless you order multiple packs. For example, if you order a 5 pack, you will get 5 different species from the list below. We choose the species based off of what we have in stock. If there is a species from the list you already have and don't want it included in the pack, leave a note and we will try to accommodate it.

-Msobo Deep, Jewel Spot, Gold Kawanga, Yellow fin mbamba, Elongatus Chailosi, Daktari, Maison Reef, OB trewavasae, Masinje Zebra, Red top Trewavasae, Opal Trewavasae, Masinje OB Zebra, Red top Ndumbi, Swedish Hongi, Ochre Trewavasae, Ikwasi Trewavasae, white top hara, jalo reef, long pelvic mdoka, Deep Ndonga, Mdoka Chilumba, Luwino Reef, pearlmutt


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