Ron's Cichlids Medicated Food Mix

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Per Request I make a Medicated Food Mix to treat Internal & External Parasites, Bacterial and Fungal Infections, please see the list below for all things it treats. The mix will be sent as 2 separate parts. 1 Part is a Medicine "Packet" and 1 part is the dry pellet mix. These 2 need to be mixed once you receive it and follow the instructions that are provided. We have added Extra Garlic & Vitamin Supplements to help with appetite and aid in recovery.

Here is a list of things it can help Treat

Internal infections Such As Bloating, Abnormal stools, Loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Internal Parasites (Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, Tape worms, Flat Worms)

Bacterial Infections

Fin / Tail Rot

Hole-in-the-head disease

Gill & Skin Flukes


External Fungal Infections


Anchor Worm

Fish Lice


Wasting Disease

Viral Lesions





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