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Seachem Stability®

Seachem Stability® is a safe and effective stabilization system for freshwater and marine environments that helps your fish thrive. It removes risks such as “New Tank Syndrome”, which is the #1 killer of fish, as well as adding the essential bacteria necessary for a healthy filter, and growing fish. 

How does Seachem Stability® work? 

Seachem Stability® is a specialized formula that is harmless to both aquatic organisms and plants. It works by breaking down waste organics, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate and therefore, preventing any harm to your tankmates.

The four very specific strains of bacteria in the Seachem Stability® formula are a synergistic blend of aerobic, anaerobic, and facultative bacteria. These bacteria species play different roles in reducing unsafe toxins in the water by eating the nitrogenous waste. The removal of these harmful toxins is the best way for your fish to remain healthy and continue to grow. 

Seachem Stability® is easy to use with new tanks and existing setups. For new tanks, simply add the product to the water, and within 24 hours, the filter will be filled with nitrifying bacteria. From day one, your tank will be ready for its new inhabitants. It can also be used:

  • Every month
  • During water changes 
  • When adding new fish to the tank
  • When you are medicating the tank 

Seachem Stability® comes in a range of sizes, from 50 ml to 2 l. 

What makes Seachem Stability® the go-to product?

When caring for fish, the right kind of bacteria is key. The development of bacteria in your tank hinges on very specific temperatures, pH, organic loads, and other environmental factors. As a fish owner, you must know what is best for your tank, and meet the required parameters for the essential bacteria to grow and reduce the harmful toxins that pose a risk to your aquarium. Unfortunately, competing products use bacteria that are unstable and result in the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide, or the elimination of good bacteria completely.  

Seachem Stability® provides you with an effective system that is not limited like other products. Instead, the necessary conditions for the growth of bacteria are encompassed in Seachem Stability®. It is the result of hard work, research, and development. It poses no risk to your fish, and instead, helps to create and develop the natural environment that they thrive in. Seachem Stability® is an advanced and top-rated system in natural biological management that compares highly to other products on the market. 

Stability® is made with a wide range of GH or pH levels to prevent the elimination of essential bacteria. Seachem Stability® tank stabilization system will:

  • Add good bacteria to your tank
  • Take action when other bacteria begin to die off
  • Consume fish waste and food that is lying around

Seachem Stability® is an extremely useful product that can benefit your fish in a variety of ways, ensuring they live in a healthy environment. 

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