Farm Raised African Cichlids

We have been raising show quality Rift Lake cichlids for over 25 years. We offer only top quality Peacock, Haps and Mbuna

High Quality Fish Nutrition

Ron’s Cichlid Pellets are professionally developed to improve the health and well-being of your Cichlids and other freshwater fish, while naturally enhancing their brilliant colors. Made with premium quality ingredients, this balanced and nutritious daily diet is completely free of fillers, hormones, and artificial pigments. Easily digestible, slow-sinking pellets promote optimal nutrient absorption.

Every Fish is Personal

Our fish mean everything to us, and so do our customers. It’s important to us that you not only get premium quality fish, but that your experience in buying from us is more than you expected. We build relationships.

We Are Open

9 AM to 5 PM EST*

Monday to Friday • Half Day Saturday

Fish Keeping, fish breeding, shipping fish, making food, water changes and helping customers with questions is a full time job. In general I am available to be reached instantly by clicking the phone icon on any page bottom right corner between normal working hours and sometimes in the evening. Connecting with you is important, so feel free to reach out to me at anytime. If I am not available there is an option to schedule a call with me.

We have a large selection of amazing African cichlids.

Why not pick up a few today... you will be glad you did.